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Dear Sirs/Madams,


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the Chinese Public Holidays in May and June as follows for your reference.



Closing Date of CNIPA and Intelight

Automatic extension of due date

International Labour Day

From May 1, 2020

To May 5, 2020


(extended to May 6, 2020)

Dragon Boat Festival

From June 25, 2020

To June 27, 2020


(extended to June 28, 2020)


The CNIPA and our offices will be closed during May 15, 2020and June 25~27, 2020. Any due dates falling within the above periods are automatically extended to the next working day, i.e., May 6, 2020 and June 28, 2020.

We will monitor email daily but may reply to you a little bit late during the holidays. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have urgent matters requiring our immediate attention by email or a mobile phone call to Mr. Ting Fang at +86 13910039050 (Beijing) or Christine Fan at +86 13631332457 (Guangzhou).


Best regards,


Intelight IP