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Mega Projects Sparkle China's Innovation Power

"We have grown stronger in basic research and original innovation, made breakthroughs in some core technologies in key fields, and boosted emerging strategic industries. We have witnessed major successes on multiple fronts, including manned spaceflight, lunar and Martian exploration, deep sea and deep earth probes, supercomputers, satellite navigation, quantum information, nuclear power technology, new energy technology, airliner manufacturing, and biomedicine. China has joined the ranks of the world's innovators," These innovation results, which are "highlighted" in the report of the 20th CPC National Congress, showcase China's wisdom in technological innovation and exhibit the country's unwavering determination in going down the self-reliant innovation road with Chinese characteristics. Let's review mega innovation projects in manned spaceflight, airliner manufacturing, supercomputers, deep sea and deep earth probes, satellite navigation and biomedicine in the past decade.

Manned Spaceflight

China on July 24, 2022 successfully launched Wentian lab module, completing another important step towards building up a Chinese space station. Currently, an assembly consisting of Tianhe core module, Wentian lab module, Shenzhou XIV and Tianzhou-4 cargo is running smoothly in orbit.

Airliner Manufacturing

C919, China's home-made large passenger aircraft, finished all the work necessary for getting a flight certification in September and will wrap up the first delivery by the end of 2022, marking that China is capable of independently developing world-class large passenger aircraft and a major milestone for our journey of making large passenger aircraft.


China's supercomputer Tianhe has been updated again with a new generation of system in operation. The prototype of the latest generation of Chinese exaflop (exascale computing) supercomputer has been developed while exascale prototypes of Sunway, Tianhe-3 and Shuguang have all been built and delivered.


Innovation of Chinese biomedicine industry has been moving rapidly, attested by a sheer number of over 2,000 startup companies engaging in drug and relevant technology development. Multiple products involving cutting-edge technology such as RNA gene and cell therapy are in clinical trial.

Satellite Navigation

In July 2020, Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system was built and operational, making China the third country independently owning a system of the kind.

Deep Sea and Deep Earth Probes

Sea Wing series underwater gliders, China's deep-sea manned submersible Fendouzhe, Pulse Feeling deep sea real-time submersible buoy, world-first 100,000-ton, deep-water, half submersible oil production and storage platform -Deep Sea I energy station…These innovation results showcase China has stridden from an also-run to a frontrunner in global energy exploration and production.

Source:China IP News