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Patent Infringement & Invalidation

As an intangible property right,patent right is substantially different from tangible property as far as determination of protection objects and infringement is concerned. Therefore, to understand properly what is the protection scope of a patent is a key issue to patent attorneys. Moreover,infringers always fight back with the plaintiff by initiating patent invalidation action and thus defend validity of a patent right is also a task that patent attorneys should face to.

Most of Intelightip's senior professionals have been involved in numerous of patent infringement cases which makes them know much about the administritive and civil actions procedure against infringers. They also accordingly faced to hundreds of challenges from infringer's invalidation attack. Such experiences give Intelightip's professionals a strong capability on how to deal with infringers efficiently and wisely.

In this aspect, Intelightip is able to provide clients with the following services
  • Representativing in disputes over patent invalidation;
  • Acquisiting patent register and evaluation reports on utility model patents or design patents;
  • Representativing in patent infringement disputes;
  • Representativing in request for investigation and administrative punishment of patent pass-off; Representativing in patent recordal at Customs and requesting the customs to take protective measures;
  • Requesting the court to take provisional protective measures and preserve evidence before litigation; and
  • Requesting the order issued by the administrative authorities to stop the act of offering for sale at trade fairs.