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Software Copyright Registraion

Software copyright is the extension of copyright law to machine-readable software. Software copyright is used by proprietary software companies to prevent the unauthorized copying of their software. Open source licenses also rely on copyright law to enforce their terms.

Software copyright owners shall enjoy the rights of publication, authorship, revision, duplication, publishing, lease, translation, etc.

What materials should the applicant provide for application of software copyright registration?
  • Application for software copyright registration filled in according to the requirements;
  • Identification materials of the software, including the identification materials of the program and files. The identification materials of the program and files shall consist of 30 successive pages respectively from the beginning and the end of the source program or any kind of file. Where the whole program and files have less than 60 pages, the whole source program and files shall be submitted. Except in special situations, each page of the program shall have no less than 50 rows and each page of file shall have no less than 30 rows.
  • Other relevant certifications:

Including identity certification of the natural person, legal person or other organization;

Where there is a written contract of the copyright ownership or a project task letter, the contract or the project task letter shall be submitted; For the software developed from the original software upon the permit of the original software copyright owner, the license certification of the original copyright owner shall be submitted;

The inheritor, assignee or receiver of the right shall submit the certifications of the inheritance, acquirement or receiving.

What fees should be paid when applying for software registration?

One shall pay the following fees when applying for software registration or transacting other matters:
  • Registration fees of software copyright;
  • Registration fees of software copyright contract;
  • Registration alteration or supplementation fees;
  • Registration certificate fees;
  • Sealing and keeping fees;
  • Exceptional submission and keeping fees;
  • Searching fees;
  • Applications fees for cancellation of registration;
  • Other fees need to be paid.